with Jamie McDonald

Would you like to try yoga?
Are you unsure of what to expect in a class?
Do you think you need to be flexible to do yoga?

This four week foundation course will debunk some of the myths surrounding yoga, work through simple sequences and break down the most common postures that are practised in most yoga classes. We will also explore the value of breath and meditation.
Suitable for complete beginners, those returning to yoga and anyone who would like to go back to basics to build a  solid foundation for their practice.

Monday 8th - 29th June 2020 | 19:45 - 20:45
Course Cost: £48 [10% off for members]

Online via Zoom Livestream
[Course cost includes a class credit to join one of our virtual classes within 4 weeks of course completion]



with Anna Ferla

In Sanskrit, Pranayama literally means ‘to extend the life energy or life force’. The key to achieving this is the breath. This online workshop will focus on breathing techniques and exercises that aid the regulation, direction and expansion of the breath. 


We are in a time of uncertainty and change, and so the way we breathe has become an even more important element in our lives. The aim of this workshop is to offer you breathing techniques you can use in your everyday life - not just on the yoga mat. 

We will learn about basic anatomy of the breath, observe our breathing patterns and explore pranayama techniques in order to expand the lung capacity, to energise and to relax.  

There will a combination of theory, seated breathing postures and a slow flow asana practice to apply some techniques while moving.


Suitable for all levels, no previous experience is needed!

Saturday June 20th 2020 | 14:00 - 15:45

Online via Zoom Livestream

Workshop Cost: £15 [10% off for members]

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