Alice Billerey Blackheath Yoga


Alice has been practicing yoga since 2011 and is an accredited yoga teacher and yoga therapist, with over 900 hours of training. Alice discovered yoga in her early 20s and was immediately attracted to the physicality of asana, which allowed her to cultivate a sense of appreciation and acceptance of her body. She soon discovered the joys of yoga beyond asana and recognises how instrumental yoga has been in her management of persistent pain and anxiety. Yoga has enabled Alice to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with herself, which in turn has made her more available to support those around her.


Alice believes yoga is for everybody and this is reflected in her teaching through the use of permissive language, props and offering options and variations. Alice always shares a variety of yogic tools in order for you to enjoy a well rounded practice. She encourages her students to work mindfully by guiding you towards a deeper listening and understanding of yourself.

Andi Shelton Blackheath Yoga


Andrea completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the University of California San Diego in 2015 in parallel with her bachelor's degree in International Studies. Since then Andrea has taught in studios across the USA, Germany, and England. Her passion for yoga comes from enabling people to feel better in their bodies by reducing pain, increasing mobility, and making yoga accessible for all body types.
An essential element of Andrea’s classes is accessibility. Sometimes yoga can be understood as a practice exclusively for people with certain body types or abilities. This is simply not the case. By including props almost any asana, no matter how intimidating, can be deepened and eventually mastered! One theme of her classes is that there is no "perfect yoga form". Every body is different, but everyone can practice yoga with the right approach.

Anna Ferla Blackheath Yoga


Anna has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching since 2010. She is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and has trained with Yoga London to teach Antenatal and Postnatal classes. Anna's classes are informal and friendly and start with breathing practices followed by yoga postures which are adapted to individual needs and by meditation and relaxation.


Classes focus on the importance of both physical postures and breathing practices, as well as grounding, lengthening and strengthening. Annas teaching style is inspired by hiking and climbing in the Italian Alps, where every little step has to be grounded and is equally important in reaching your destination.

Chrisi White Blackheath Yoga


Chrisi's yoga journey started over 15 years ago when she took her first yoga class in her hometown Vienna in Austria. Over the years, Chrisi was privileged to learn from a number of wonderful teachers who inspired her to become a yoga teacher. In 2016 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certificate (RYT-200) with Yoga London, a Prenatal Yoga Alliance Certificate (RPYT) in 2017 and a 40 hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Green Lotus Yoga in 2020.


In early 2017 she took the plunge, left her corporate job and founded Blackheath Yoga; she is now working full time as a yoga teacher feeling extremely lucky to be able to follow her dream and share her passion for yoga. ​

Chrisi feels passionate about making her classes a safe space for everyone, and while playful, always emphasising mindful movement and yoga as a self care practice.

Emma Levy Blackheath Yoga.png


Emma’s classes are inspired by her experience teaching in New York, Houston and London over the past 5 years, all to merge into a style that is completely unique, fun and challenging. As a teacher, Emma’s goal is to guide and inspire all to listen to their bodies, take risks and let go of the stresses of the week.


Coming from a theatre background, music is extremely important to Emma and you can expect an expertly curated playlist for each class. Be prepared to laugh, sweat, shake and feel stronger than ever before! Emma prides herself on her clear directions and soothing tone of voice. Whether you're a first-time yogi or a daily practitioner, Emma will support you to deepen your practice, with a greater understanding of your mind-body connection.

Emma Salmon Blackheath Yoga


Emma discovered yoga during her time as a university student and quickly noticed improvements in physical strength and flexibility. However, with repeated practice she unearthed the real magic of yoga…a mental practice that was and still is, able to support her through life’s challenges.


Fast forward to 2015 and she started to investigate the idea of taking my practice further and train as an instructor. She felt inspired to help others discover the benefits of a regular yoga practice, so in 2016 she started my training with Yoga London and never looked back. Now a fully certified 200 hour Yoga Alliance instructor she is teaching regularly alongside her fulltime job and loving it!

Jamie McDonald Blackheath Yoga


Jamie first came to yoga purely for the physical practice as a different way to 'workout'. It definitely wasn't love at first sight - she found it hard to be still, the calmness infuriated her she I couldn't escape her busy 18-year-old brain. So it took a couple more years, and a few false starts before it finally clicked and since then she never looked back. Yoga carried Jamie through a decade of touring the world as a professional dancer; you could find her squeezing her mat down in hotel rooms, dressing rooms and backstage whenever she had the opportunity.

Movement has always been a huge part of Jamie’s life and so moving from competitive sport to professional dancer to yoga teacher has felt seamless, and Jamie enjoys being able to bring all areas of her varied training to the practice. Jamie’s classes are catered to all levels; from those taking their first tentative steps on the mat to those who have a regular practice. Always breath and alignment focused, they allow you space and time to reconnect with yourself.

Joao Rodrigues Blackheath Yoga.png


Joao found yoga in his teens as a method to heal his body. After years of practice, mainly focusing on the Ashtanga sequences, he decided to train with Dharma Mittra in New York to share his yoga and its transformative benefits so more people can witness them.
His classes are dynamic, with variations to accommodate everyone’s needs and with emphasis on breathing and cultivating a contemplative mind. As Sri Dharma says “Every pose should be an offering to the supreme self”.

Kat Basquill Blackheath Yoga


Kat came to yoga to soothe anxiety from performing and studying music. She found it a huge medicine, and it quickly became her anchor. She believes there is so much potential medicine by connecting to yourself on the mat – whether you practice flying or Just Being. Her classes are creative, compassionate and playful.
Kat has over 500 hours of training in Vinyasa, Yin, Mandala and Forrest. She is always grateful to her beloved London teachers; Naomi Absalom for expanding her horizons, Leila Sadeghee for bringing magic and beauty into the mundane, and Jonelle Lewis for being Jonelle Lewis. She is inspired by Patti Smith, wildflowers, & those who stand strong to their own heartbeat.

Nadine Tregoiing Blackheath Yoga


Nadine first discovered Yoga after trying a class at a gym. Immediately she could sense it was more than a physical practice. Intrigued by this and wanting to explore this unfamiliarity further, she began witnessing the positive transformation to not only body, but more importantly the mind. She developed a regular Yoga practice, introducing the history, philosophy and yogic lifestyle into her practice and everyday life.

Nadine aims to guide her students to explore their practice with a deep sense of heartfelt encouragement, kindness, gentle self enquiry, empowerment, playful exploration and growth. Classes centre around dharana, pranayama, touching upon alignment and with a true emphasis on welcoming all bodies. Inclusion of modifications, allowing for an explorative practice for all, the body and the mind.

Natalie Yunnie Blackheath Yoga


Natalie has been practicing yoga for over 13 and teaching for 8 years. She qualified as a 200 hrs Vinyasa Yoga teacher with YogaLondon in 2012 and has been teaching ever since.

Natalie had the privilege of attending, while pregnant, Teacher Training in Pre & Post-natal, Baby Yoga & Baby Massage with Katy Appleton of Appleyoga. Natalie also qualified as a Children’s Yoga teacher (2-12years) with YogaBeez in Jan 2017.


It is Natalie’s mission to provide a safe, nurturing, and welcoming space where her students are able to explore and develop their very own personal yoga journey of self-realisation and transformation.

Sammy Furnival Blackheath Yoga


Sammy fell in love with the possibilities of the body from a young age and trained as a dancer for 15 years, until one day stumbling across yoga in search of something more. After discovering the transformational benefits yoga provided, and beginning a journey towards mindfulness, self-love and acceptance, Sammy travelled to India to complete her 200 Hour yoga teacher training. Forever learning, Sammy now practices and teaches regularly across London, as well as in Europe and India.

Sammy's classes are always delivered with a strong sense of kindness and compassion, exploring yoga philosophy, life philosophy and practising in order to feel invigorated and find a deep sense of acceptance. Falling, shining, wobbling, smiling, balancing and sighing are all heavily encouraged.

Shuntao Li Blackheath Yoga.jpg


Shuntao found her love for yoga in London and completed my 200hrs RYT qualification in the beautiful Alpujarras mountains in Spain.
Her typical class is slow vinyasa flow, focusing on breath and body connection as well as alignment. She is also passionate about healing through relaxation, and she is a qualified yoga nidra teacher.

Zara Rush Blackheath Yoga


Zara is a 200hr RYS Yoga Alliance certified teacher through the Awakening of the Heart Training by Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori.

Zara’s teaching style is rooted in the Anusara practice which stems from the Bhakti Lineage and uses elements of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga with vinyasa flow. It is an exquisite form of yoga which focuses on all that personally strikes your heart with beauty, allowing you to find your sense of self in our busy world and enabling you to cultivate positive energy for others. There is a large emphasis placed on alignment, opening to grace in each pose as well as building in breathing and meditative practice to each session.