All class passes that are affected by lockdown will be extended by the length of time the studio was closed for. You can request a further extension for a small administration charge if you do not feel comfortable yet coming to the studio yet. We will continue to offer an extensive online schedule and outdoor classes whilst the weather allows, so everyone can practice with us. In case you have to self-isolate or are unwell for an extended period of time, we are happy to extend your class passes or memberships further at no extra cost.

Before coming to the studio, please take a thorough look through the following guide below so you know what to expect when you arrive. Any questions, please let us know!


Below you will find an overview to the key operational initiatives that will be in place to ensure we do everything we can to keep you and our staff safe:


  1. We ask everyone, including staff and teachers, to self assess every time before coming to the studio and in case you are d isplaying any symptoms (as mild as they may be) to please stay at home and join us online instead.   

  2. Everyone coming to the studio will be kindly asked to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands as they enter.

  3. Street shoes and coats will have to be removed and left at reception.

  4. Please follow government guidelines on the use of face coverings. 

  5. A stringent cleaning procedure has been implemented and will be regularly adapted in line with government guidelines. Hand sanitiser will always be available and visible at key points throughout the studio. The entire building will be deep cleaned on a regular basis and high touch areas such as door handles, banisters or bathroom taps will be sanitised frequently throughout the day. Our treatment rooms will be sanitised and ventilated between clients. Depending on the type of therapy you are having, there may be additional safety precautions required such as wearing protective equipment. Your therapist will inform you of these prior to your appointment with us.

  6. Our changing rooms, lockers and bathrooms are open but we would ask encourage you to come to the studio already changed ready for class to minimise queues.

  7. Class capacity will be limited to 9 participants for studio only classes and to 7 for hybrid classes. As our class capacity is small, we would encourage you to book online upfront to ensure you have a space in class. Please note, we can not accept any cash payments for now. When booking a class please make sure you book for the right type of class; studio classes will be titled 'STUDIO', live-stream classes are labelled 'VIRTUAL' and outdoor classes will have 'OUTDOOR' in the title.

  8. Mats and props are available (mat rental is £1) but we encourage you to bring your own where possible. Please roll out your mat aligning with the floor markers in the studio to ensure even spacing of mats in the studio. If you use one of our mats or props we ask you to clean them with our antibacterial and antiviral cleaning solution before putting them into 'mat quarantine' (mats are steam cleaned after each use). 

  9. Where reasonably possible, windows and doors will remain open throughout the studio during classes for cross-ventilation. When windows can't be left open (we are in the UK after all!), windows will be opened 10 minutes prior to classes as well as for 10 minutes in-between classes to to reduce the risk of viral infection transmission indoors. In addition we are running a HEPA filter during classes to improve air quality inside the studio.

  10. In the event of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in the studio we will inform anyone who has come into close contact with the affected person in the studio and refer them to follow government guidelines on self isolation. As a precaution the entire studio is deep cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the risk of surface transmission. 

These guidelines will be revisited on a regular basis in line with government guidelines and emerging evidence.